Remedies for acute symptoms

October 2, 2007 RENU

  1. Absentmindedness: Occurs due to prolonged stress or overwork. Nux mos 30x twice/day sharpens memory.
  2. Anxiety after upsetting events: Kali p
  3. Anxiety during labor: Acon 30c every 1/2hr.
  4. Arthritis: Kali carb
  5. Black eye: Ledum 30c. speeds healing.
  6. Blisters: Soak in calend, air dry, take canth every few hrs.
  7. Breast feeding painful: Arn relieves. If pain goes from left side to right, conium 30c twice/day.
  8. Brittle nails: Use rubber gloves while washing dishes. Alum 30x.
  9. Bruises: Lack of vit c & k make us more prone. Ledum 30c 4times/day.
  10. Chemotherapy side effects: Cad sulph 6c twice/day
  11. Childrens anxiety: Anac 30x twice/day
  12. Cold sores: Avoid peanuts, chocolate. Rhus t 12c 4times a day for 5days helps quickly destroy virus that causes it.
  13. Constipation: Nux 30c every few hrs.
  14. Craving salt: Nat mur once/day for 7days.
  15. Dandruff: Sulph 30x twice/day.
  16. Detoxification: Nux vom for side effects of prescr drugs, also eases withdrawal effects from alcohol, tobacco.
  17. Erectile disfunction: Avena sativa
  18. Excessive perspiration: Mercurius 30c once/day.
  19. Eye strain: Pilocarpus 30c at 1st sign of irritation.
  20. Fatigue(physical & mental): For college students during studies. Carbo veg.
  21. Fevers periodic: Cina 30c every 4hrs. Also for flu symp’s with cyclic fevers.
  22. Flea bites: Pulex irritans 30x 3times/day for 3-5days.
  23. Grinding teeth(bruxism): Wear bite guard to protect teeth. Ars alb 30x if occurs during sleep. 1dose at bed time for 5nights.
  24. Hay fever: Sabadilla 30x
  25. Impotence: Lyc 30c.
  26. Indented tongue: Before, observe tongue. If imprints of teeth on sides, Merc sol.
  27. Intestinal flu: Ver alb 30x 3-4times/day
  28. Irritability(in young children): cham
  29. Irritability(in older children): Cina 30x
  30. Kidney stones: Berb 12c every 20mts for relief. 
  31. Leg cramps: Mag p 30x few doses 5-10mts apart
  32. Lower back pain: Bellis p 30x is Arnica of lower back.
  33. Mensus pain: Sabina is specific if extends down to legs & also effective for lower back pain.
  34. Mental confusion: In early stages, Alum can reverse this
  35. Nasal polyps:Occur if have chronic sinus problems. Phos
  36. Nausea during pregnancy: Ipec 30x every hr.
  37. Puffy eyes: Apis m 30x every 1/2hr 4doses quickly heals.
  38. Sensitive scalp: Even combing hair painful. Cinch off
  39. Sinusitis: Spigelia if worse on left side.
  40. Sleep walking: Kali brom 30c once before bed for 7nights quickly solves. Gently guide them back to bed without attempting to wake them.

  41. Spinal injuries: If sharp pain after fall or numbness & tingling, Hyp 30x twice/day & Arn 30x for general trauma.
  42. Splinters: If hard to remove with tweezers or left behind, silicea 30x 4times/day for 3-7days expels foreign bodies.
  43. Stomach cramps: Podophyllum 30x every 2hrs.
  44. Swollen ankles:Lyc 30x twice/day.
  45. Thrush: Borax 30c twice/day for 7days.
  46. Toothache: If radiates to ears, excess saliva, Mercurius.
  47. Vomiting, diarrhoea: In abd flu or food poisoning. Ver alb.

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