October 2, 2007 RENU

  1. Give up salt, oils, non veg, spices, coffee, red chilli, sweets.
  2. Salt destroys 1000’s of body cells, increases blood density, swells feet, face & hands. Salt in vegs is enough for us. Since new taste buds r formed every 10days, u’ll not have problem eating saltless food later. Na & K r in 1:8 in all cells & so in vegs. If u eat more, ratio disturbed & cells health disturbed. If ratio is normal, glucose converted into energy quickly with less insulin, so sugar comes down. 
  3. Raw vegs have reqd ratio of K & Na, can restore cells filled with excess salt to normalcy quickly.
  4. Honey is instant energizer as digested fast & reaches blood from stomach.
  5. Drink 5lt h20/day. It insures ur body from any disease.  Sodas, b.milk, coconut h20, fruit j’s are also good liquids but salt in them is not helpful in absorbing wastes like h20 does. Just like nature, our body has 2/3rd h20, 1/3solid. So we shd take h20 & food in same way.
  6. Take cold head bathes everyday. Improves blood circulation to head, cools head.
  7. Do fasting once in a wk. It is the supreme medicine.
  8. Sore throat, bad breath, dry mouth, headache, body pains etc are symptoms which tell us to avoid food & give rest.
  9. We suffer from sneezes, asthma, allergies etc in winter & rainy seasons b’cos we consume less h20 which rises histamine levels in body.
  10. Those who r not hungry or suffer from indigestion, heaviness in stomach, loss of appetite shd take fruits instead of cooked food till appetite normal. Then take 2-3roti, avoid rice.

Daily schedule

4:00am- Get up, drink 11/2lt h20, conc on intestines & move around. Empty bowels. Rest 1/2hr.

4:45- Exert body by walk/exercise/yoga for 1hr till it perspires. This helps muscles, veins, blood circulation.

5:45- Drink 11/2lt h20, concentrate, try for 2nd ablution. If not proper, go for enema. Continue enema till dig system normal.

6- Drink raw veg j of sn.gourd, ribbed gourd, bottle gourd, c.ber, carrot, tom, b.root etc + l.j + 4t honey. U can take fruit j or lime j with honey also.

7- Sprouted cereal/beans, soaked almonds, raw coconut, dates(non diabetics). Who r reqd to go on enema in morning shd eat papaya, p.granate,, mango, dates etc which generate hunger, easily digestible & move freely down the intestines.

9- drink 1/2lt h20.

12:30- drink 1/2lt h20.

1- Lunch. No white rice. Eat brown rice/roti, 1/2kg vegs, lot of curd.

4:30- juice of orange/citrus/p.granate etc + honey. Or eat fruits. If not available, drink honey + l.j.

6:30- drink 1lt h20, conc on 3rd ablution.

7- dinner. Secret of health is early dinner.

9- drink 1gl h20/b.milk if want.

10 to 11- If awake late, drink l.j + honey.


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