Nose cleansing

October 1, 2007 RENU

Jala neti- 3stages

  1. Do 1-2times/day before meals or bed to establish correct working envt of temp & humidity in nose so no dryness or wetness  or blocked conditions. In case of cold, do 3-4times/day. Mix well 1t salt in 1/2lt warm water to form isotonic solution- same as human blood, pour in neti pot. Put cone of pot into right nostril, bend head so h20 comes out from other nostril breathing gently through mouth. Dont sniff, laugh, talk, swallow or have any air movement through nose. After done, blow nose, do other side. Repeat till nose clear of mucus. Warm saline h20 loosens & dissolves internal build ups & vacuum pressure flow of h20 drains out sinus passages which would normally be impossible as sinuses r dead end cavities.
  2. Draw one slow, long inhalation through nose to “bubble” the h20 as it goes through. On exhalation, that h20 is spat out the mouth. Dry nose in betn. Cleans posterior sinus passages.
  3. Warm salty h20 taken in through mouth & snorted out of nose. First rinse mouth & throat with saline h20 to ensure no pathogens(harmful bacteria) in mouth.

Drying nose: Very imp to prevent infec’s. Dont forget this step while doing above. Bend forward from waist & hang head upside down 20secs, then point nose towards knees. In each position, gently breathe in the mouth & out the nose 10times. Left h20 droplets run down. Now stand up, do 10rapid breathes through both nostrils with emphasis on exhalation. Then close 1 nostril, do 10rapid sniffing breathes through other nostril only, now other side, again end up doing through both nostrils together. 


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