Natural remedies for ailments

September 22, 2007 RENU

1. Abscess- infl & acc of pus. Boil, carbuncle, whillow(boil on finger tip-stick in lemon hole). ext appl- fen.pow best, works slowly, painlessly but thoroughly.
2. Acne- multi vits, curd
3. Antioxidants-
A. chavanprash- 50herbs. 50%amla which is nutrient dense, vitc
B. triphala- greatest of all herbal formulas as promotes detoxification without side effects, great for poor digestion, constipation, liver problems, toxicity, lowers blood lipids so good for heart
C.Guggul- has triphala too. Circulatory stimulant, raises metabolism, counteract low thyroid conditions, lower cholesterol, lowers blood triglycerides.
D.ashwagandha- indian ginseng. Sleep inducer. Take mor, ev with b’d milk + little honey for all deficiency, low energy conditions, mainly old people.
E.Gar- raw more effective as allicin destroyed by heat. Circ, resp, dig, cardio, arthritis, antibiotic, antiviral. Allium sativum.
4. Anal itch- wash with g.cidal soap each day, also wash with apple cider vinegar
5. Anemia- gar, raisin, prune, c.ber, palak, caroot, or, honey
Homeo- F.p 3-6x or F.met.
For pernicious anemia- Ars
weakness, bone weakness, ca def, coldness, nut def- Ca.p
Recent loss of fluids as in c.birth, profuse menses, oper, acc etc- china 30x
6. Anxiety- kava(piper methysticum)herb instantly relieves muscuar, psychological tension. Popular in market, from fiji, no side effects. Wonderful for stage fright
Homeo-AA-r.ness, fatigue, racing pulse. 6C/1/2hr for upto 10doses
Cc- f.ful, fatigue, complain ailments to others
lyc- insomnia, reduced a.tite, sweet cravings. 6C/1/2hr upto 10doses
7. A.thritis, rheumatic prob’s- fast on kicharee 4-10days along with 1 or no of herbal treat’s
glucosomine sulfate- helps body repair damaged cartilage so who r at risk can use too, but monitor cholesterol levels.
MSM sulfur- effective for allergies, brittle hair, nails, candida, asthma, chronic fatigue, const, d.betes, dig disorders, h.aches, parasites, aging, toxic build up, ulcer as S found in muscles, tendons, ligaments. 1500Mg 3times daily in capsule form
Turmeric- fresh h grate+honey/daily once. Enhances joints flexibility thus helps in yoga, antiinfl.
8. Asthma- avoid dairy, banana, avocado. Gin, gar, on, p, card, bl.beans good for resp cond’s
9. Bad breath(halitosis)- more vegs, curd, green tea-fights mouth bacteria. Dont boil, just let seep leaves 3mts
10. Baldness- thuja + e.lyptus + olive.o 1-2times/daily. Tap with chinese dermal hammer. 2Drops r.mary o + 3drops lav.o + 2drops ced.wood o + 3ml jojoba o, msg 2mts each night, wrap warm towel.
Internally take supplemental lecithin, fish liver o & chinese herb hoshouwon (polygonum multiforum)- remarkable, restores hair color, growth in prematurely grey or bald. Found in herb stores, chinese pharmacies. 900Mg 3times/day of pow’d herb. Also multivits & min’s
11. B.wetting(anuresis)- hyp perf tonic for ner.s, no h20 2-3hrs before bed
12. Bites wash with warm h20, apply suction cup to draw out venom or mouth. Imm give 20-30drops e.acea tincture every 1/2hr for 6doses & then every 1-2hrs. Keep area open, drain with epsom salts s’d in towel or a poultice of plantain leaf with sprinkle of ch p very efectivel superficial bites- chew 1-2plantain leaves & apply topically.
H- ledum 6-30potency
13. Bladder & kidney infec’s- burning, dark wine color, scanty. Parsley reliable remedy as high chlorophyll builds imm. Steep leaves, roots h.ful in 2c b.h20 20ms, strain, drink 3-4c till symp’s abate. Cranberry prevents infec’s as acidic prevents bacteria, is antioxidant. Avoid all intake of sugar inc honey, fruit, juices. 1-2qts cr.j/day
H- cantharis- stray urge to uriante, sharp burning pains, low b.ache, incomplete urination sense. 30C/1/2hr upto 10doses
nux.v-chills, wanting to be alone, painful need to urinate. 6C/1/2hr upto 10
14. Br.lumps- breasts r related to liver & rep.organs
15. Burn- apply cold h20 or wet compress not ice h20 or ice for 1/2hr
1st degree- apply c.ber or alu j to reduce infl
2nd- vit E from w.germ o directly over burned area. Aloe vera gel effective.
H- cal o.ment. For electrical burns- P 6-30. apply fresh gin j, very effective
16. Cancer- H-carcinosim 30-200 1dose 1-2times mthly
ars 30-200 burning pains, tumors
lachesis 6- tumors that r scarlet, deep blue, ash colored
S 6- – morn exhaustion, cold extremities, head warm, face flushed
calc f 6- stony hard lump
17. candida- curd. Beans s’d well, c’d with spices
18. coronory(heart)cond’s- crataegus popular. Dilates smooth vessels of cor arteries. 160-900mg of extract(hawthorn) daily dose. Arjuna wonder herb in india for heart
19. Eyes- Dissolve 4triphala tablets in 1c b.h20, leave o.n or 4hrs, strain th’gh fine cloth, seal’d jar. Rinse each eye 1/2min using eyecup from pharmacy. After 3days prepare new batch. Good 4 all eye cond’s. Finest eye drops- cineraria maritima 1drop 3times daily for 6mths
H- C.f, cannabis.ind
20. catarrh- to minimize mucus prod, mothers shdn’t drink more than 2c milk/day if feeding.
1st sign- chill, fever- apply spirits or camphor o over chest or nose externally very h.ful
H- Bry 6-30 burning, cough, phlegm, nasal congestion
Ars- profuse acrid discharge, freq sneezes, affection of eyes, nose, throat
puls 6- putrid discharges, ear pain, loss of taste, smell, sensations
Allium 6- freq sneeze, profuse h20ry discharges, chronic- puls 6-30, if fails kali.s 6-12 effective
21. childrens ailments- fever-cham tea/diluted lemon h20 or berry j, red milk, prot intake
infant d.rhea- abstain from food for 24hrs giving diluted lemon h20. If persists, give rice or barley c’d in 1:4 h20, strained & spiced with cinn, n.meg, gin or pedialyte electrolyte.
Chronic nonspecific d.roea in 6mths-41/2yrs. due to high fr.j’s as more glucose malabsorbed. So take child off f.j’s as kidneys stressed, cavities, obesity
colicky baby- avoid cabbage, br.sprouts, c.fl, broccoli, on, choc, cows milk. See if allergy to formula or has vit B def.
Food allergy- eliminate, reintroduce to know. Eliminate dairy, wheat, soy, corn, yeast, egg, citrus, carrot, apples, berries, coffee, tea, oh, p.nuts, sugars, processed o, tap h20. Eat grains like rice, millet, amaranth, pasta, cereal with rice, almond or oat milk, prots, legumes s’d o.n, rinsed. Eat vegs except corn, lettuce, on, tom, gar, carrots, nuts, seeds raw not r’d, oils, spices.
22. Constipation- dandelion tea(strong) 3times/day or 2capsules 2-3times/day before meals
bad smelling stools- rule out 1st bacterial or parasitic inf’s, try l.acidophilus 1mth upon rising & before going to bed or mg/green drink or dig enzymes or eat 1/3t each gin p, fennel p, h + honey followed by warm h20 or tea. Also for halitosis. Travel- take multidig enzymes with each meal, start taking several days before u leave. Dont take if have ulcers. Take curd.
23. Diarroea- acute- stop eating regular foods as poorly digested & adds to toxic load. Dont stop with medications, use herbal as bodys effort to throw whats irritating int tract. Drink fluids. Boil 1c rice, 4c h20 45mts, strain, add s, drink 1/2c 5-7times/day to soothe tract as easily absorbed. Eat curd + bananas/applesauce + 1Tfiber so pectin calms tract & supplies mg & k rinsed out by d.a
Do 1-2 below. 1. 4charcoal tablets every hr for several hrs, then reduce to 3times/day for 2more days till d.a stops. Makes stools bl several days, dont take with food or vits. Or take well charred toast. 2. K 99mg & multi mineral in liquid form curd 4.try 1/2t r’d h & cinn & carob pow twice daily with h20 or tea.
Slowly reinforce sm amounts of foods, avoid dairy, raw fruits, vegs, salads, sugar, oh, soda several days. Consume fiber high foods, curd, if chronic, take extra vits, min’s
H- P- no 2stools alike, worse ev, child cries a lot. After fatty or starchy foods
AA- severe d.roea, very ill, chill, vom, r.ness, lot of mucus, burning, stools green or pale
phos acid, podophyllum- chronic
prevention- when trav or if int.inf going around causing d.oea, Lrhamnosus strain(GG). Or shortens in children.
24. Gall bladder probs. Indigestion after fatty fr’d rich foods, chronic gas, belching, bloating, fatigue(liver stress), irritability, bad temper, anxiety, getting sick easily. Recurrent attacks without sign of stones suggest food allergies/dig enzyme deficiencies. Undigested fat, ca, Fe leads to bone loss & as coats cho, prot, decreases their dig & abs too. Drink lot of beverages healthy & h20 betn meals, eliminate food allergies, eat whole foods, fruits, vegs, veg prot, fibre, dont skip as increases risk of stone formation. Exercise.
Dissolve stones- vit c 1000mg 3times/day, lecithin 500mg daily 1-2mths, o 1drop 3times/day for stone dissolution, vit E, A to heal mucus membranes of & long term use prevents new stone formation. Bvits 50g each, milk thistle capsules before meals several times a day.
25. H.rroids- lot of h20, fiber, loose fitting clothes. Soak in little warm h20 with mineral salts daily 1 or more times. Rest with legs & pelvis higher than heart. Take 1Tflaxseed o/day. If doesn’t help, vit E(400IU)orally or gently inser capsules 1-2 at night before going to bed for 10days. Take vit B6 100mg twice/day till u get relief, then reduce to 50mg/day. If recurrent, take liver decongestants(milk thistle) several capsules 2-3times/day for 1mth to reduce toxic liver burden muffins, buckwheat cereal with fruit. Drink grapefruit + or + lime + 1/2apple j.
reflex points at bottom & heels of leg with pressure in little circles several times. If find sore point, press deeper & hold till pain lessens. Repeat sev times mor, night for 1mth. Stand up, walk around house on heels for 25counts, relax, repeat to stimulate anal reflex points
H- aloe 30c 3times/day or 12c hrly till lessens, then reduce to 3times/day till fine.
26. Int. flu- stop eating till symp’s calm down, eat lot of curd, take bromelain 500mg capsule on empty stomach 3-5times/day, take 1t each h, gin p, fennel p + honey


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    We have done a lot of research on the subject, which you can read in our arthritis pain relief guide. The guide took a lot of time putting together but we are very proud of it and have received some awesome feedback from readers.

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