Homeopathic Cell Salts

September 22, 2007 RENU

Bioplasma, combination of 12salts is One-A-Day general supplement.to keep energy levels high, boost imm system, keep physical performance at its best.

Cell Salts treat imbalance, taken when specific health problems arise. Use in 6X potency when just starting treatment.

Ca Cell Salts imp for bone, dental health, skin healing, K for emotional health, Na for h20 balance, support functioning of kidney, pancreas, stomach, dig system, Fe which is oxygenating fro fatigue, infl, fever, infection, Mg for muscle & nerves, silicea for skin, hair.

Potassium is found in muscles, nerve cells, brain cells.

CaP– growth, bones. Deficiency symp’s-aching pains, growing pains, bone ailments.
CaF-problems with srface of bones, skin. A much safer source of fluoride than supplemental fluoride. Deficiency symp’s- poor dental enamel; spider and varicose veins.
CaS deficiency symp’s- acne, skin problems, slow healing wounds, abscesses, swollen glands, negativity, apathy.
Kali M colds, sinus infl, arthritis infl, lack of energy, interest. mental confusion, anxiety, sorethroat, cough, fever. Problems when body feels sluggish, poor circulation. Great for cold with white nasal discharge, white tongue, sinus problems exist.
Kali P anxiety, irritability, poor memory, physical fatigue, diff concentrating, tension h.aches, stress during exams, jet lag. Helps stay calm, alert in day, sleep better at night. It is imp electrolyte that is crucial for mental & physical energy. Supports adrenals during stressful times that can overtax adrenals.
Kali S corrects functioning of oils in body. Deficiency symp’s- dryness, acne,intestinal disorders, worry, lack of judgment.
Natrum M– edema, h.ache, weakness in sun or heat, chronic sinus conditions. Natrum P #1 for dig problems. Take right before meals for improved digestion, acidity, indigestion, poor health from nut def’s, food allergy, gas, ulcer, h.burn, bloating, stomach upset, constipation, d.hea, coated tongue, worms. Lack of PO4 in gastric enzyme activity will allow fermentatio & retard digestion. Since overacidity promotes all types of illnesses, it is the pH. It helps restore enzyme balance. Imp if suffer from excess uric acid such as gout, joint pain, arthritis stiffness, swelling. Eyes r indicator of liver & dig system health, helpful for eye conditions.
Natrum S strengthens pancreatic functioning. #1 for h20 distribution, removing wastes in body, support liver, g.bladder, kidneys, intestines, lungs. For asthma, diabetes, headaches, edema, g.stones. Primary remedy for influenza. Beneficial for dig problems such as nausea, sick headaches, bitter taste in mouth, oral thrush, liver troubles, urinary problems, improving diabetes, insulin disorders, reducing gallstones,strengthening resp system & improving asthma, esp worse in humid weather. Deficiency- depression, fear, suicidal ideations. Consider when health problems worse in humid, damp, warm weather.
Silicea-excess perspiration, unhealthy skin, brittle nails, hair.


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