Hair loss

September 22, 2007 RENU

A strand of hair is made up of extruded, compacted dead cells. Everything you put into ur body eventually comes out in ur hair, usually within 3-6mths.
At hair root, all major systems r at work, including circulatory, endocrine, central nervous system. That’s why it hurts when someone pulls hair!
Every hair follicle has 4distinct phases it cycles through on a regular basis: growth, transition, resting, returning growth. A full cycle can last from 2-5yrs per follicle. Unusual hair loss & thinning occurs when a follicle is stuck in resting phase. Bald spots occur when a large group of follicles turn off all in one place. Most of the time this happens slowly, but in some severe cases can happen all at once, causing a clump of hair to fall out.
· Stress (emotional and physical)
· Hormonal imbalance, specifically androgen sensitivity
· Genetics
· Immune system irregularities
· Thyroid disorders
· Nutritional deficiencies (especially iron or vitamin A)
· Cosmetics (allergies and harsh treatments)
· Radiation/chemotherapy
· Dental treatment
· Blood loss
· Drugs
· Disease
· Surgery
· Scarring
Hair follicles can be shocked into resting phase by so many stressors — emotional, physical or cosmetic — & just as suddenly switch back to “on” when stress is reduced. Hair appears to be amazingly adaptive, which is why so many scientists believe that a cure for hair loss is right around the corner. A majority of women with moderate hair loss may notice big improvements just by paying more attention to their stress levels & their diet.

  1. Apply 1hr before head bath hibiscus pow + methi pow + amla pow + h20 soaked o.night. Do once a wk. Improves hair growth, makes it soft.
  2. Msg castor oil into scalp, leave o.night & morning 1/2hr before headbath, apply e.white. E.white does wonders, is a good conditioner. Reduces stress, gives smooth hair.
  3. To ctrl hair loss, apply c.nut milk, leave till dry 4hrs or o.night, morning wash with warm h20. Next day shampoo. Do wkly once. Grind 2c c.nut, squeeze it in cloth. Mix with l.juice if have dandruff.
  4. Regularly before going to bed, msg scalp. Helps a lot.
  5. Remove tangles with hand & then with wide toothed comb.
  6. Eat h.ful nuts every day. As hair made of protein, eat more.
  7. To grow hair or loose hair, it’ll take 3mths to see rslts.
  8. Shampooing with shikakai is a must.
  9. Before apply henna or any packs, do hot oil msg to open roots so absorbs essence of packs well.
  10. Grind mooligai pkt(amla, hibiscus, rose etc) with amla, vetti ver. Mix little of this pow with mehandi pow, 2t l.j, 1e.white, curd, apply after oil msg to scalp only, leave 3hrs. Take h.bath. Smells good & feel healthy.
  11. For dandruff, msg vinegar into scalp, let dry, wash. Do daily till cured.
  12. Homemade hair spray: Boil till reduced to 1/2 1lemon/orange for dry hair chopped, 2c h20, cool, strain, spray bottle, friz. If too sticky, add more h20. Add 1oz rubbing alc0hol as preservative. Stays 2wks unrefrigerated.

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