Different ways of doing meditation

September 22, 2007 RENU

1. Whole body: 1st concentrate on head, observe sensations. Then face, throat, back, waist, chest, belly, right, left hands, right, left legs.
2. Observe breath
3. Nose: Try to remember that days foods that u smelled, each 1min. increases sense of smell.
4. Eyes: Try to visualise on eyelid(screen) that day seen faces, where & when u have seen,. also that day seen incidents, things, work projects, that day read book or magazines pages 1 by 1.
5. Skin: Sit under or close to fan & observe air touching skin. air flowing through hair to head. air touching skin through clothes. conc 1st, head tip where air flows gradually to head. enjoy that. then observe air touching forehead, eyes, ears, nose, lips, cheeks then back, backbone, waist, chest, stomach, shoulders 1 by 1. even when travelling, observe air touch.
6. 2parts touching got to be observed. ex: for eyes eyelid, for u.lip l.lip, tongue & mouth, fingers touching legs, finger to finger, toe to toe. Bring tension for 2secs, release, observe 3secs, do again. start from eyes & go gradually till toes.
7. Sit with back straight, observe gravitational force like pulling ur body down. In few mts, u will feel lightness or heaviness
8. Observe texture of dress u r wearing, if rough or smooth by bringing movement of body parts. 1st move shoulders up & down, observe touch on shoulders. then move shoulders front & back & observe touch on chest, stomach. Move right shoulder, observe touch on right side. Also observe touch when changing clothes, wiping with towel.


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