Improving memory

September 17, 2007 RENU

1. Keep brain active: By developing new mental skills like learning new lang, musical instrument, playing puzzles etc so new nerve connections develop.
2. Exercise daily: Improves circulation to brain & wards off memory loss with aging.
3. Reduce stress: As make it difficult to focus. Do yoga.
4. Eat right: Antioxidant foods(broccoli, berries, spinach, sw.potato, tomato, green tea, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, liver), Bvits(green vegs, s.berry, melons, legumes, cutrus fruits, soybeans), omega 3 fatty acids(cold h20 fish, walnuts, flaxseed) promote healthy brain functioning. Take multivit. Eat 5-6sm meals so less blood sugar which may -vely effect brain.
5. Repeat things u need to learn.
6. Group things u want to remember like shopping list.
7. Organize ur life: Put freq’tly used items in same place. Organizer to keep track of appt’s, bills due dates. Address book. It doesn’t improve memory but helps.
8. Meditation: Regular practice thickens cerebral cortex by increasing blood flow to that region which enhances attention span, focus, memory.
9. Good sleep: Affects brains ability to recall recently learned info.
10. Learn mnemonic techniques which will visibly improve memory.
11. Write journal or diary everyday, even sm issues.
12. Write to do tasks
13. Try to memorize fav songs, poems.
14. Involve as many senses.
15. Paying attention is most imp.

Stages of Memory Formation and Maintenance

1. Acquisition: New info enters brain along pathways betn neurons in appropriate area of brain. The key to encoding info into memory is concentration; unless u focus on info intently, it goes “in one ear and out the other.”
2. Consolidation: If u’ve concentrated well enough to encode new info in ur brain, hippocampus sends a signal to store info as long-term memory. This happens more easily if it’s related to s’thing u already know, or if it stimulates an emotional response.
3. When u need to recall info, brain has to activate the same pattern of nerve cells it used to store it. More freq’tly u need the info, easier it is to retrieve it along healthy nerve cell connections.


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