Major computer components

September 7, 2007 RENU

1. Hardware: physical components
2. Software: prog’s & systems that operate within hardware
3. Motherboard: Heart of comp. It is largest & every other component is connected to it in some way & uses it to communicate & work with each other.
4. CPU/processor/chip: central processing unit. Brain of comp. Sits on m.board & under heat sink & fan. It directs, coordinates & communicates with other components & perform all the thinking. But it actually performs math calculations which r translated into useful functions for us by a software. Memory chips store info temperorily for short term use by CPU.
5. RAM: Random access memory. Sits on m.board in 1, 2 or 4slots. Stores info for files that r usually being used by CPU at any given time. It is temperory workspace.
6. Hard disk/drive: Is like a filing cabinet. Stores info permanently for long term use which comp accesses as needed by reading & moving info into RAM. However original file is still in on hard disk & is left undisturbed until file is saved. If u save data to a new file or install new software, info is written to disk in unused portion of disk.
7. Graphics/video card: Translates info into graphics & text that appears on monitor. AGP(advanced graphics port) slot on m.board is for graphics adapter.
8. Power supply: Supplies power to all components which is why it has so many wires. Sits at back top corner of comp case. It has a fan built into it to cool comp.
9. Optical/CD/DVD drive: Sits at front of comp for easy access. Uses laser to read & write info to CD’s & DVD’s.


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