Homeopathic home kit

September 6, 2007 RENU

1. Arn 200: All blunt injuries due to falls, sprains i.e. injuries without much bleeding, also for bruises, bodyaches. Dose: 3 pills 4 times a day.If pain is severe , it can be taken every 2hrs.
2. Acon 200: sudden fevers or colds esp’lly caused by coldwinds.Dose: 3 pills every 2hrs
3. Ars alb 200: For sudden food poisoning especially in summer leading to fever, vomiting & diarrhoea.Dose: 3 pills every 1 hr.
4. Bell 200: sudden high fevers with a lot of redness of skin &/or eyes. Dose: 3 pills every 1hr.
5. Calend ointment: Any wounds whether due to injury, post-operative wounds etc.
6. Coccus cacti 200: Travel sickness. Dose: 3 pills as & when reqd.
7. Ferr Phos-6X: Early stages of infect’s anywhere eg.throat,tonsils etc. Dose: 3 pills every hr.
8. Hamamelis 200: Acute bleeding eg.menses, nosebleed, from piles or wounds. Dose: 3 pills every hr combined with Ferr Phos.
9. Hypericum: Injuries to nails, finger tips or any sensitive part of body. Dose: 3 pills every hr.
10. Ipecac 200: Sudden nausea &/or vomiting. Dose: 3 pills every hr.
11. Kali Mur 6X: Congestive colds & sinusitis. Dose: 3 pills every 2 hrs.
12. Ledum 200: Punctured wounds, insect bites, bad bruises. Dose: 3 pills 3-4 times a day.
13. Mag Phos 6X: Severe abdominal or menstrual pains, any spasms of ear, teeth. Dose: 3 pills every hr.


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