Homeopathy for burns

September 4, 2007 RENU

Burns occur from fire, hot surfaces, scalding water, electricity, chemicals.
1st degree: redness, intense heat, pain, swelling. Upper layer of skin affected.
2nd: blisters, oozing of fluids from skin, scarring may rslt.
3rd: skin blackened, damage to blood vessels, nerves
These can cause shock, sepsis, death due to large amounts of toxic by products, destroyed tissue, fluid loss. So seek doctors help immediately if burns cover large area. Chemical burns require immediate washing.

Caution: Donot use butter, oils, creams or gels as they keep the heat in the tissues.

1. No 1 is Cantharis for minor & even serious burns. If used early enough, blistering can be prevented.
2. Urtica urens is the 2nd choice if cantharis not working well after 1hr or so. It is 1 of the best for scalds with hot water.
3. Apis is for 1st degree burns where cold bathing offers great relief but if vise versa, Arsenicum & rhus tox.
4. Causticum for old burns that r not healed properly.
5. Hypericum & calendula can be used internally in 6, 12, 30x every 15mts initially, cutting back to 1/2hr or less with improvement. But if taken externally, quickly soothe, heal & prevent infection. Their tinctures can be used singly or mixed in equal parts.
6. Calendula wash externally gives immediate relief, prevents blisters, scars.
7. Hypericum if burns get infected.


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