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September 4, 2007 RENU

1. Almond: Almond juice is extremely useful on aged & wrinkled skins. Usually mixed with rose water & glycerin to make skin nourishers. When added to milk, makes an excellent mask that nourishes & softens skin.

2. Apple: Apple juice + vinegar makes excellent hair rinse. Grated apple paste mixed with honey or milk makes an excellent face-mask for complexion cures.

3. Banana: Pulp + milk, honey or curds face-mask to get rids of blemishes, excellent skin softener. Pulp + curd beaten to thick paste promotes healthy, unique glossy hair.

4. Carrot: Ideal `wrinkle fighter’. Raw carrots grated + almond oil + honey thick mask.

5. Cucumber: with curds makes good, nourishing complexion masks. Its juices remove dark circles & blemishes. An excellent skin tautener, closes pores, fights skin tan, rejuvenates skin.

6. Garlic: If taken raw, purifies blood, thus giving a clearer complexion. Also heals cuts & wounds, its juice clears blemishes.

7. Honey: If taken daily with lime & warm water, it purifies blood, clears skin blemishes.

8. Lemon: A perfect all-rounder used for removing skin tans; as a face-mask, astringent, skin toner, lightener. It tautens the skin, removes wrinkles. Useful to fight dandruff, excellent tonic if imbibed with honey.

9. Onion: Onion juice cures pimples, burn scars, excellent for dandruff problems, helps to restore natural hair colour.

10. Potato: A remarkable skin tautener, lightens tan, heals burns, cuts, lightens complexion, helps to get rid of burn marks, pimples, freckles.

11. Turmeric: Cures scars, burn marks, smoothens skin, base for many other tonics.

12. Tomato: Makes good face-masks, good cleanser, clears skin of marks & blemishes.

13. Yoghurt: Used in numerous skincare & hair-care preparations. It is a skin smoothener, fights acne, nourishes hair, helping in healthy hair growth.


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