Printer basics

August 27, 2007 RENU

1. Inkjet printer- comes with diff ink cartridges, black or color. Ink is sprayed on to paper. Printer will cost less but cost of inks r little higher so manufacturers give for really cheap price.
2. Laser printer- uses heat to put toner ink onto paper, higher performance, higher volume printers. The cost per page is a lot less on a laser printer than it is on a ink jet printer.
3. Multi-function printer- has a fax machine, a scanner, a copier integrated into 1, so take less space but if 1 sm problem comes, whole thing unusable.
4. Wireless travel printers- comes in many models, u can hook up via Bluetooth or via 82.11b or g wireless technologies. Most laptops do come with wireless built into them. If printer have wireless card inside it, u can print wirelessly.

Paper type imp b’cos if printing photos, need to make sure paper does not spread ink over paper. Regular paper u use to print docs have lot of fiber in them which will take the ink & spread it all over. If u want high qlty pictures which shdn’t fade or need them to be waterproof, then need specialty papers designed specifically for that like photo qlty paper which come in variety of thicknesses & wgts. Epson or HP or Canon, make their own papers that have been matched to ink that they produce, to give u optimal picture qlty.


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