Removing stains

August 13, 2007 RENU

For dark colored clothes, wash in water with few drops vinegar & dry in shade.
Tea spots- rub with raw papaya.
mud spots- rub with cut to half potato.
Ink- dip that part in milk, after s’time rub with hot h20/rub with cotton dipped in b.pow+h20.
fruit juices- rub with salt water, wash.
milk- first wash with cold water then hot water. sprinkle pow
boot polish- rub with kerosene, then hot water + surf.
coffee, tea- dip cloth in borax mixed water.
new clothes- wash in salt water.
pan- ripe guava, then with soap.
gorintaku- soak that part in hot milk, wash.
grease on silk- iron with paper on top & bottom.
if want to put ganji, add pinch salt in water to wash so that easy to iron.
before washing add turpentile for shine.
pattu- soak in little glycerine added water so that no wrinkles. Always put in blue tissue paper so color wont fast.
for sweat smell- wash in water with old asprin tablets.
ball point pen- put paper on bottom, rub with methylate spirit so that ink sticks to paper.
wool- dont squeeze after washing, hang, spread on table to original shape, dry.
polyester- when washed many times, turn yellow. so wash in vinegar water.


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