No 1 homeopathic remedies.

August 13, 2007 RENU

Early stages of colds, fevers, inflammations, any sudden illness- Aconite.
Bites & stings that feel hot- Apis
Rattling cough- Ant Tart
Fear of flying- Arg nit
Accident/shock/physical exhaustion, Injuries- Arnica
Food poisoning- Arsenicum
Very high fevers- Belladona
Multivits- Bioplasma
Dry, painful coughs- Bryonia
Slow, difficult teething- Calc carb, Ca F
Bones- CaP
Heal wounds- Calendula
Intense pain of burns- Cantharis
Resuscitation- Carb veg
Teething, irritable children- Chamomilla
Dehydration- China
Whooping cough- Drosera
Bloods o2 carrier, speeds recovery- Ferr phos
Flu- Gels, oscillococcinum. Prevention- Influenzinum
Painful, infected wounds, encourages suppuration, pulls out pus- Hepar sulph
Nerve injuries- Hypericum
For recent emotional shock- Ignatia
Constant, violent nausea- Ipecac
Painful sinuses- Kali bich
Stress, nervousness- Kali phos
Detoxification- Kali sulph
Puncture wouds, black eyes, stings that feel cold, prevention of reaction to mosquito bites- Ledum
Homeopathic aspirin, muscle spasms of back, calf, abdomen. For peaceful sleep- Mag phos
Mouth ulcers- Merc viv
Cold sores, lactose intolerance, H20 distribution- Nat mur
Digestion problems, promotes peristalsys- Nat phos
H20 distribution, diabetes, support of organs- Nat S.
Hang overs- Nux vom
childhood ear infections- Pulsatilla
Sprains & strains, arthritis, joint & lower back pains- Rhus tox
Injuries to tendons & bone surface- Ruta
Uterus down- Sepia
Forcing out splinters etc foreign bodies- Silica
skin, hair, nails health- Silicea
Following episiotomy- staphisagria
Skin problems- Sulphur
Prevention for sea/travel sickness- Tabacum
Ear, foot, skin, nail fungus. Nail remedy, warts- Thuja

Creams or Ointments:
1. Arnica – used externally on unbroken skin. Never use on broken skin as it can irritate. Reduces bruising & swelling.
2. Calendula – the “homoeopath’s antiseptic”. Use on cut, broken or sore skin. A wonderful healing balm.
3. Urtica Urens – very soothing on hot, itchy skin caused by minor burns, sunburn or allergic reactions to insect bites & stings.
4. Pyrethrum spray – a homoeopathic insect repellant.
5. Lemon grass essential oil – another useful insect repellant. Burn it in room or rub into skin mixed with a base oil or sun tan oil.


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