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August 8, 2007 RENU

1. Hair is at its weakest when wet. So never brush when wet.
2. As far as possible let hair dry naturally.
3. Detangle before u wash it.
4. Oil at least twice a wk or for a day before washing. Oil really does wonders for hair; coating each strand,making it shine. Besides, oil massage increases circulation, promotes hair growth.
5. Do not expose hair to strong wind, dust, pollution. Use scarf while on a 2-wheeler.
6. Wear a hat to minimize sun damage
7. Hair is made of protein, therefore adequate prot is necessary for healthy hair. Lack of vit A, B, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, iron, copper, iodine may cause hair loss, premature greying. Lack of inositol(available in yeast, liver, molasses) is also cause for hair loss.
8. Cut down on hair dryers, straightening irons, curling irons and hot curlers.
9. Condition after shampooing, use deep conditioner once a mth. Use shampoo & conditioner that suits your hair type. For daily washes, use mild, moisturizing shampoo without harsh ingr’s like Na lauryl SO4. Don’t use too much conditioner, makes hair greasy.
10. Daily msg hair with fingertips for proper blood circulation.

Tips to help regenerate hair follicles: But they do not cure any underlying conditions or stress-related hair loss.
1. Take dietary supplements such as Vit B6, protien & Silica.
2. Homeopathy: silicia 30 till u see improvement.
3. Regularly msg scalp after hair wash to activate sebaceous glands & improve blood circulation in affected area, making hair grow healthy.
4. Apply c.nut milk all over scalp msg’ing it into hair 1/2hr before washing hair to nourish & promote hair growth. Eat c.nut pcs or if u get cough b’cos of c.nut, have jaggery instead. Also include c.nut in diet daily, drink c.nut water atleast twice a wk. It is good for skin, dig system & miracle ingred for hair.
5.Apply cilantro juice on head, beneficial for hair growth.
6. Msg scalp with Amla oil, prepared by boiling dry amla pcs in c.nut oil.
7. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar+sage tea, helps hair grow.
8. Drink shake of banana + honey + curd + low-fat milk.
9. Lead stress free life.
10. Boil bn methi leaves, bl.pepper, few drops l.j, pinch salt, no h20, mixie, drink regularly, increases hair growth. 11. Cashewnuts are very nutritious, good for skin,also enhance hair growth.
12. At night before going to sleep, give ur hair 100 strokes with brush.

1. 1st & most simple step is frequent shampooing.
2. Rub 8T peanut oil + 1/2l.j into hair, leave 10mts, wash.
3. Eat well balanced diet, make at least 50% of diet raw food.
4. Avoid/decrease fried foods, dairy products, sugar, chocolate, nuts

Split ends:
1. Best t.ment is regular trims to maintain blunt smooth ends every 4wks.
2. Use good conditioners, don’t blow dry hair on high heat.
3. Apply olive oil on ends, cover with pl.bag, tie with, leave on o.night, shampoo morning.
4. Turn head upside down, use hands to shape & lift roots for volume.
5. Buy a natural-bristle brush that won’t pull on hair
6. Msg c.nut oil into hair, then take steam. By doing this regularly, u will get rid of split-ends.

Dry hair looks dull, lifeless, craves moisture, in most instances require prot.
1. Use moisturisers that contain “humectants” that not only replace lost moisture but actually attract moisture and retain it in the cortex of the hair.
2. Ess fatty aids(EFA’s) r great moisturizers. One of the best & most cost effective is safflower oil. Scalp produces best EFA’s called sebum, but sebum can’t reach upto entire length of hair if hair is long. Hence it is necessary that to treat dry hair, u’ve to use proper conditioners & moisturisers.
3. Use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner
4. At beach, spread sunscreen through hair so that it doesn’t dry out.

Grey Hair: is a symptom of improper prot synthesis. Hair grows white when melanin ceases to be produced in hair follicle & sm air spaces take its place. As a person grows older & reaches middle age, more & more of these pigment cells die & color is lost from individual hairs. Early greying is basically hereditary or by stress. Pulling out grey hair will make 2grow in its place is a myth. What can happen, however, is that if ur hair is starting to turn grey & u pull 1 grey hair out, it may well be that neighboring grey hair is just about to start growing, therefore 2hairs in close proximity will appear at about same time.
1. ” Amla ” is the best cure for grey hair & falling hair. Regular msg of “amla” paste into scalp works wonders, frequently reversing processes.
2. Msg hairs with c.nut oil & lemon everyday for 15mts. There are instances of people having black hairs upto 60-70yrs using this method.
3. Soak 12 rithas, 4 shikakai pods o.n in pint water. Next day, boil for few mts, strain, use as a normal shampoo.
4. Sep’tely soak 12 dried amlas in 1/2c water o.n, strain, use as hair conditioner after head bath. Leave on hair for 10mts, rinse hair with warm water. Leaves hair smooth & shiny & also stops premature greying.
4.Beat till frothy l.juice & castor oil, mix in ‘henna’, apply evenly over scalp, bath after 1hr using ‘shikakai’ & ‘ritha’ shampoo as above. This checks greying
5. 1c strong black tea without milk + 1Tsalt, cool, strain, msg it on roots. Leave it on for 1hr, rinse with cold water. Do not shampoo it.

Nourishment a) Vit A – healthy scalp, gives body, glow to hair. Include dark green vegs, orange, yellow fruits & vegs.
b) Vit B – regulates oil secretion, keeps hair healthy & moisturized. Eat greens, tomatoes, c.fl, cereals, liver kidney, yogurt, bananas, green vegs.
c) Minerals – zinc, iron, copper promote healthy hair. zinc – red meat, chicken, green vegs; iron – beef, dried apricots, red meat, parsley, eggs, wheat, sunflower seeds; copper – seafood, e.yolk, whole grains.
d) Prot – natural shine, good texture. In sprouted whole grains, cereals, meat, soy.

Exercising causes great damage to hair. Sweat will cause dirt, grease to settle in scalp etc. Tie it back, pin it up or clip it loose enough. Block sweat by wearing wide cotton headband that will absorb salt which dries out delicate roots near scalp thereby damaging hair. Avoid wearing cap while exercising, glands need to breathe. After working out, avoid taking hot shower, might damage hair. L.warm water is always best for shampooing. Conditioning is a must, will protect hair from damage.

While swimming wear cap after wetting hair c’tely. Wash hair thoroughly afterwards in order to remove chlorine. If possible, apply leave-in conditioner before u dive in. Steam baths or saunas can dry out strands. Always apply a dab of leave-in conditioner or light jojoba to strands to help offset heat.

Strong hair: Protein which is building block of hair(chicken, meats, chicken, eggs, curd, milk), B12 & Fe(asparagus, cumin, turmeric) may prevent hair loss, silica(strawberry, sunflower seeds) strengthens hair.  

Shiny hair: Omega 3(salmon, sardines, tuna) encourages regrowth & prevents hair loss by feeding scalp with oils, vit E(leafy greens, broccoli, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, berries, coconut oil) helps scalp circulation, vitC maintains good scalp health.

Dry hair: Iodine & zinc(helps oils to get out of scalp & into the hair & thus strengthens hair, make it shiny, full) prevents dry hair & hair loss.


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  • 1. vinni  |  February 2, 2009 at 4:02 am

    i have serious dandruff problem & coz of this i am lossing my hair like dos & cats, i am taking medication,but its not helping me much.can u tell me home remedy to fix my problem….pls HELP ME!
    is it true that aloe vera can help treat this problem & promote hair growth.
    one more info i live in US so i dont have access to your products,its only possible next year as i will be visiting India,so pls help me out & save my hair.
    thankyou & looking forward for your reply.

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