August 8, 2007 RENU

1. Lie on back arms stretched overhead against floor, buttocks resting on floor, knees drawn up close to chest. Extend 1leg straight out, parallel to floor, but not quite touching it. Draw that leg’s knee back close to chest while extending other knee straight out. Draw 2nd knee back, while again extending 1st leg, continue this bicycling movement 4x.
2. Lie on back legs bent, knees pointed toward ceiling, feet flat on floor, hands on back of head, fingers interlocked. Exhale as u lift up, place head betwn knees, inhale as u lower back to starting position. It may help to keep feet in place if u stick them under some heavy furniture, such as dressing table.
3. Stand feet comfortably more than shoulder width apart, arms stretched sideward, parallel to floor, elbows straight. Keep feet planted firmly, slowly twist trunk as far to right as possible. Stretch, pulling right arm back, left arm around to right. Snap back to starting position, place arms on hips. Repeat exercise, twisting to left.
4. Stand feet apart as wide as comfortable, arms overhead, elbows straight, hands shoulder width apart. Rapidly swing upper body forward & down while bending knees. Reach back through legs, touch ground as far back as possible. Swing upper body back to position.
5. Sit, legs bent, knees pointed toward ceiling, feet flat on floor, hands on back of head, fingers interlocked. Lean back until upper body is at 45*, twist completely left, then right; return forward to starting position. Do same exercise, twisting 1st to right then to left.
6. Stand, feet shoulder width, hands on hips. Reach over top of head with left hand, touching right ear. Bend sideward to right, sliding right hand as far as possible down right leg & stretching left side as much as possible. Do not reach forward or backwards to slide right hand further down. Return to starting position, repeat to left.
7. Lie on back, feet together, toes pointed, arms stretched overhead against floor, shoulder width apart, elbows straight. Raise legs, keeping them straight till they are vertical. Lower legs to starting position.
A NOTE OF CAUTION:imp to keep curve in lower back as flat as possible, breathe regularly & slowly or may put strain on heart.


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