Face exercises without going for face lift.

August 8, 2007 RENU

Spend 15mts each morning, evening exercising face muscles.

Forehead : 10times daily to 6count at a time.
1. Join fingers together with thumbs folded in, place fingers near temples i.e., where scalp meets head. Push straight up, hold, then raise eyebrows, hold for 6counts, release. removes lines above brow. It targets f.head muscles, back of head.
2. place middle fingertip of each hand in centre of each eyebrow. Pull eyebrows apart or outwards, at same time try to frown. Hold for 6counts. next reverse. place middle fingertip of each hand in centre of each eyebrow; push brows together or inward, at same time raise eyebrows, hold. remove mark on forehead & area betn eyebrows. targets muscles right above brow.

Eyes :1. Place 3centre fingers of each hand underneath eye, pull down, try to close eyes. Hold for 6counts, release. puffiness as targets muscles under eyes.
2. Place ring & middle fingers of each hand at outer corners of eyes. Pull corner of eyes toward hairline, hold. At same time, squeeze eyes shut; hold for 6counts, release. wrinkles around eyes.

Cheeks: 1. Put head back. Take 3centre fingers, place on apples of chks, push down. At same time, raise chks as hard as u can by smiling. targets muscles of cheeks.
2. Put thumb in mouth right in centre of cheek, push. At same time, bring cheek back towards teeth against thumb. Hold for 6counts, repeat on other side.will fill out cheek hollows, firm face, lift.

Mouth:1. Take middle fingers, pull down on either side of lower lip thus exposing teeth. At same time try to mope. muscles around lip area.

Chin: 1. Take 3centre fingers, pull chin down & at same time curl lower lip over bottom teeth. tones chin muscles.


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