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August 8, 2007 RENU

Desk Exercises:
1. Shrug shoulders toward ears, then drop them. Repeat 3-4x.
2. Place hands on shoulders, touch elbows in front of chest. Now try to touch elbows behind back. Repeat 3x.
3. Overhead reach: Start with arms dangling outside armrest of chair. Slowly raise arms from sides till they are directly over head. Reach toward ceiling for few secs, lower arms to starting position. Repeat 2-3x.

Bent-over row using dumbbell for entire host of back muscles, biceps
Stand with feet flat on floor, 1leg extended out in front, but don’t lock knees.Bend over at waist but keep back straight so parallel to floor. Let arms hang straight down keeping shoulders even. dumbbell shd be directly under shoulder, parallel to floor. Pull dumbbell straight up by bending elbow. dumbbell shd remain parallel to floor. Keep elbow & dumbbell close to body. Continue until dumbbell touches rib cage & elbow is slightly higher than shoulder. Hold on, then lower. Do 3sets of 8-12x.

Opp Extensions: stretches, strengthens entire back.
Lie on stomach with arms, legs outstretched. Pull abdominals in towards spine. Rest forehead on floor to align neck with rest of spine. Lift right arm & left leg little way off floor, stretch them to opp ends of room. Hold 5slow counts, slowly lower them.

Back lifts: strengthens lower back.
1. Lie on stomach with legs outstretched. Both arms shd be touching floor & bent so palms are near shoulders. Pull abdominals in towards spine as if u are trying to create space betn belly button & floor. Rest forehead on floor to align neck with rest of spine.
2. Without using hands lift head & chest up off floor as high as u comfortably can. palms will lift off floor as well. Hold for a moment till u feel stretch through lower back, then slowly lower. Repeat

Rows-strengthens upper back.
1. Stand with left foot in front of right foot about a stride length apart. Hold a free wgt or gl of water in right hand, lean forward 45*. Place left hand on left thigh, stretch right arm down so perpendicular to floor.
2. Lift right arm up till hand at waist level, elbow pointing towards ceiling. Then slowly lower to start. left arm

Some points: Sit on chairs that have adjustable hgt, armrests, seat pad, seat back.
When lying on back, flat pillow to support neck, 1-2pillows under knees.
When lying on side, 1pillow betn knees.
When arising, roll onto side, push up with arms.
When driving, move car seat forward, sit with knees higher than hips. back fully supported with a small pillow or rolled towel.


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