August 8, 2007 RENU

It is treatment using aroma from essential oils(conc extracts from diff plant parts distilled, used as compressions, in bath, massage, steam inhalators) which stimulate brain to trigger a reaction & as drawn into lungs can also supply physical benefit(emotional, medicinal, skin).

Normally, add 10 to 20 drops essential oil to every 100 ml/ 4oz of carrier oil.

1ml essential oil= 20drops.

Carrier/base oils: pure vegetable oils used to dilute essential oils so can be applied to skin. Shd be lubricating, not absorbed into skin too quickly. Facial oil shd be more easiy absorbed. Best if odorless so essential oil smelt clearly.
1. Almond oil: no smell, non-irritant to most skin types, easily absorbed(specially good for itchy skin)
2. Olive oil: has smell but good for rheumatism, dry inflamed skin.
3. Wheat germ oil: rich in protein, vitB, E. Good for dry, damaged, aging skin. Prevents str.marks during pregnancy. Don’t use if have wheat allergy.
4. Avocado oil: rich in all skin vits A, B, D
5. Jojoba oil: useful as base for hair oils. It is a balancing oil(acne, oily skin as well as dry & dehydrated skin).
6.Soya oil: very nourishing, easily absorbed.
7.Sunflower oil: VitA, B, D, E, excellent for massage.

Alchemists- oils. 3types.
1. essential- essences, volatile, dilute with carrier oil.
2.glyceride or greasy- animal or veg origin
3.mineral- petrochemical products from fossil deposits refined to paraffin, pet.jelly, vasolene, baby oil etc. Not used as not absorbed by skin. Only cosmetic industry uses.

Top 20 Essential oils: Never directly apply undiluted to skin.
NOTE: do skin patch test to avoid allergic reaction. Put 1drop of oil on cotton ball, apply to inside of arm, back of wrist, place a band aid over patch, leave 24hrs. If itching or redness, do not continue to use. Avoid eye contact, sensitive body parts, children, infl’d areas, pregnant. Never use more than 10drops of o or combination.

1. Eucalyptus
1. Refreshing effect on n.sys(so treats tiredness, poor conc, h.aches)
2. resp prob’s(coughs, colds, asthma)
3. Boosts imm system
4. Relieves musc.tension
5. Antibiotic prop’s(so treats skin infec’s, wounds, herpes, ulcers)

2.Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata
1. Calming effect on n.system( anxiety, stress, d.ssion, tension)
2. Relaxing(reduces mus.tension)
3. excellent aphrodisiac for both men & women
4. b.ficial in balancing skins sebum secretions, suits both dry & oily skin types.

3.Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens
1. Cooling & calming effect on n.sys(anxiety, palp’s, panic attacks)
2. Relaxing & uplifting
3. balance hormones in women.
4. b.ficial in balancing skins sebum secretions, suits both dry & oily skin types.
5. A.depressant.

4.Peppermint, Mentha piperita
1. H.aches, mus.aches.
2. Dig disorders(slow digestion, indigestion, belching, d.hoea, f.poisoning, nausea, m.sickness, tr.sickness, gas)
3. Coughs(spasmodic, asthma, sinusitis, head colds, migraine).

5.Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia.
Most well known, widely used of all. calming effect on mind, 1.Cooling effect(relaxes body, mind), sharpens mind.
2. Antiseptic. One of 2 oils that u can apply directly to skin in cases of burns or stings to ease pain.

3. Irritability, d.ssion, insomnia, hysteria, shock, n.tension.

6.Lemon, Citrus limon
1. very uplifting & relaxing.
2. Wounds, infec’s
3. House cleaning, deodorizing.

7.Jasmine, Jasminum officinale
1. very relaxing.
2. a.depressant
3. Excellent aphrodisiac, mens.cramps
4. Relieves labor pain.

8.Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea
1. Natural p.killer(m.aches, pains)
2. very relaxing(insomnia)
3. very helpful in balancing hormones.
4. Has hypotensive properties(high B.P)

9.Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia Tea tree oil u can apply undiluted to skin as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, msg to help promote healing damaged skin while supporting healthy functioning of resp system.
1. germicidal, antibacterial(all fungal infec’s), anti inflammatory. U can apply undiluted to skin as antiseptic.
2. Boost imm system
3. resp infec’s(cold, flu)

10.Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylancium
1. Tones cir, resp, dig systems
2. Strong antiseptic(cold, flu)

11.Roman Chamomile, Anthemus nobilis
1. very relaxing(insomnia, anxiety, m.aches, tension)
2. wounds, infec.

12.Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis
1. very stimulating & uplifting(metal, imm, dig)
2. very good for m.aches, tension
3. cold, cough, flu
4. aphrodisiac(frigidity)

13.Basil, Ocimum basilicum
1. relaxing & uplifting(m.fatigue, h.ache, insomnia)
2. pms

14.Clove, Syzgium aromaticum
1. antiseptic(infec dis’s, wounds, ulcers)
2. anti-neuralgic(soothes t.ache pain, abscess)

15.Chamomile, Matricaria recutica
1. soothing & calming(insomnia, irriability, n.ness)
2. balances hormones in women, mens.cramps
3. anti infl(soothes allergic skin cond’s)

16.Sandalwood, Santalum album
1. calming, relaxing(anxiety, aids meditation, soothes ner.s)
2. ur.tract infec’s(cystitis, g.rrhea, smelly disch’s
3. anti infl(soothes dry itching & infl’d skin)

17.Rosewood, Amba rosaeodora
1. calming, uplifting(aid conc, relieve h.aches, stress disor’s
2. aphrodisiac(frigidity)
3. hot, dry infl skin cond’s, scarring, wrinkles

18.Neroli, Citrus aurantium
1. aids relaxation, helps clear mind, lifts spirits
2. dry, mature skin, wrinkles, stretch marks,

19.Grapefruit, Citrus paradise
1. detoxifying effect(lymphatic cleansing, reducing cellulite, 1 of main oils in treatment of obesity
2. very beneficial for resp.sys(colds, flu, fever).
3. very useful on oily skin, open pores, acne, also helps to tone & tighten loose skin

20.Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica
1. chronic conditions like arthritis, chronic d.hoea, cystitis
2. excellent in t.ment of ner.tension, chronic anxiety, depression, tiredness.
3. Antiseptic+astringent(oily skin & hair, acne, d.druff, scalp prob’s

Using Aromatherapy in everyday life

Hot compresses: migraine h.aches, sinus h.aches, sore muscles.
Soak clean cloth in few drops rosewood/peppermint oil + very hot h20, wire out excess water, place over affected area.

Hot bath: Soak 10mts in warm h20+5drops rosemary/grapefruit/sandalwood oil’s.
Soothes skin, relieves mucus buildup in lungs, relaxes mind & body & relieves tension, profound effects on healing of skin disorders, alleviating musc.aches, enhancing resp funcs, reducing levels of stress, as well as increasing & supporting blood & lymph circulation.

Massage: With 2-3drops essential oil + 1t carrier oil. Relieves tension, stress.
1. Extra virgin cold pressed best as maintains highest level of purity while retaining most of natural nutrients.
2. Almond oil: most widely used, spreads easily, very nourishing, excellent as smell not too overpowering.
3. Grapeseed oil: easily absorbed but doesn’t leave “greasy” feeling
4. Sunflower oil: low cost, spreads easily, but feel little greasy afterwards, mostly heat pressed so very short shelf life.
5. Ylang Ylang: most useful as has sedating effect on nerv system which helps with relaxation, while stimulating blood circulation & production of endorphins, body’s natural pain killers. perfect for all skin types as it helps dry skin conditions as well as oily skin acne.
6. Eucalyptus oil: commonly used as anti inflammatory that help treat muscle cramps, spasms, sprains. also helps with skin problems.

St.Inhalation: clears lungs, sinuses of congestion & infection which will affect resp & blood supply immediatly.
Bring to boil 2c water, reduce heat, let cool for 5-10mts. Add 2-5drops ess oil or combination of 2-3ess oils(gr.fruit, cinn, e.lyptus, tea tree), inhale vapors for 5-10mts with towel over head 2-3times/day. Do at 1st sign of cold.

Room freshner: 5drops each lavender, bergamot+ 300m warm h20, shake, spray

Perfume: carrier o + ess oil.

Insect repellent: lavender 5drops + citronella 5drops + ced.wood 2drops + carrier o 2t

Depression: 2drops each r.mary, petigrain, bergamot, 2t carrier o.

Foot soak: hot h20, little of 6drops, relax, read book, pat dry, massage in marigold oil 4drops + 25ml carrier oil.


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